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Allen Neal Jones is one of the most popular wrestlers, is also known as AJ Styles. He is a fearless wrestler who had suffered a lot from his childhood. He was even raised in poverty and couldn’t afford to watch TV because they are very poor. At the same time, his father was an alcoholic man, and there is no much known about him.

Early Life of AJ Styles

AJ Styles, the real name Allen Neal Jones, was born on 2nd June 1977. He was born in a place called Jacksonville, which is located in North Carolina, US. Now, there’s no information available about Allen’s parents. All we know is that he was raised by his alcoholic father in a very poor and poverty environment.

AJ is not a highly educated person. He completed his schooling at Johnson High School. Furthermore, he also attended Anderson University for some time.

AJ Styles is married to Wendy Etris, who is a teacher by profession since 2000. This couple has three sons and one daughter. Their names are Abbey Jones, Avery Jones, Ajay Jones, and Anney Jones.

AJ is currently 42 years old, since he was born in 1977, and it is 2020. On the other hand, his height is measured around 1.8 meters. Besides, he weighs around 99 kg as well.


AJ Styles started his wrestling career in 1998 by appearing in the Professional wrestling promotion NCW. In 2001, after three years of NCW, AJ participated in the All-Pro Wrestling tournament and made it to the quarter-final. But he didn’t win the tournament and was defeated by Christopher Daniels. After one month, AJ also participated in the XWF Cruiserweight Championship but lost there as well.

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AJ first appeared in the World Wrestling All-Stars in 2002. He appeared in a basic elimination match, but he lost that match too. However, in the same year, he participated in the WWA International Cruiserweight Championship and won nit by defeating Jerry Lynn. He also took part in the ECWA Super 8 tournaments, where AJ reached to finals but lost to a wrestler called Donovan Morgan. He appeared in 2 episodes of WWF Metal, WWF, and dark match. Furthermore, he competed in many other competitions.


AJ Styles is one of the most popular and successful wrestlers. In his career, he achieved many awards and won many championships, which are as follows:

  • 2016 Wrestler of the Year award.
  • WWE United States Championship.
  • TNA X Division Championship.
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
  • First TNA Triple Crown Champion.
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Unknown Facts about AJ Styles

Some facts that you probably don’t know about AJ Styles are here:

Japan’s Star

AJ is a star in Japan. That is because he had a successful wrestling career in Japan. He was a two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and he was the only sixth non-Japanese performer to do that. At the same time, he is also the last non-Japanese wrestler who won the championship, and he was led by Brock Lesnar (who won the title back in 2005).

Turned Down WWE

He once turned down a WWE contract. It happened 14 years ago when he received an offer to join the WWE. But, he didn’t accept the offer, and instead, he joined the Ring of Honor. The reason is simple, and it is because he is a family man and his wife had to move back with her mother if AJ accepts the offer of WWE.

Final Words

AJ is currently signed in with WWE and doing well with his wrestling career. He has no plans for retiring yet. But, Allen wants a healthy and happy retirement so that he could spend his life happily with his family.

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