GTA 5 Stats Guide

What keeps GTA V relevant even after these many years is GTA Online. This game has a player base across all platforms and we do not see it decreasing anytime soon. Even after the release of GTA 6, we think this game will still have a decent player base playing online.

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Just like in the base game, GTA Online also has something called statistics, which determine your firing accuracy, how long you can sprint, your driving abilities, etc. In this guide, let us take a look at all the statistics and the easiest way to max them, even as a solo player.

How to increase stats in GTA Online

To begin with, there are 8 statistics in GTA Online, one extra compared to the base game, which we will be talking about later in the guide. Let’s begin


This stat determines how long the player can sprint, swim, and cycle at maximum speed. Continuing to overexert after depleting your stamina will make you lose your health.

This is something that will naturally increase as there is a lot of running in GTA Online, but if you want to quickly improve this stat, you can try running, swimming, and cycling through the map.


As the name suggests, this stat determines your shooting skills. Recoil, reload time, and ammo capacity are all decided by this stat.

To increase this stat, focus on getting more headshots and also visit any Ammu-Nation shooting range and finish mini-games related to firing.


Strength determines your melee damage, sporting ability, ladder climbing, and damage taken.

The easiest way to increase this stat is to go to jobs and find “A Titan of a Job.” Buy yourself a knuckle duster and go on a rampage, hitting NPCs. You will not get a wanted level in this mission, so go crazy and increase your strength.

Another way to increase strength is to play golf and other sporting events.


This stat determines how undetected and silent you stay. Increase this by performing silent kills and takedowns. You can increase this along with strength while playing “A Titan of a Job” by killing NPCs silently from behind.

Flying and Driving

Both of these stats determine your control over vehicles and flying; the only way to increase this stat is to constantly drive and fly. Take part in races to increase your driving stats. Visit San Andreas Flying School and finish missions to increase your flying stats.

Lung Capacity

This stat will allow you to stay underwater longer. Increase this by swimming underwater and driving. Another easy way is to buy and equip scuba gear and swim underwater for a long time.

Mental State

This stat is exclusive to GTA 5 Online; you don’t want to maximize it, as this will mark you on the map and make you vulnerable against other players. Completing missions and jobs online will keep your mental state at a safe level.

Unnecessary killing and harming of other players and NPCs will decrease your mental state. Try to maintain a normal mental state. Unstable, Deranged, Maniac, and Psychopath are other levels in the mental state; killing any of the players with an unstable or above mental state grants RP, so watch out!

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