Physical Attachment is as Vital as Oxygen, whether it is Your Girlfriend or Your Child

To survive, we need many things to survive, such as food, oxygen, water, a home to stay, and many more. Just like these things, we also need physical touch. According to the world, it is one of the five love languages. We need a physical touch from our loved ones almost as much as we need air to breathe. Physical touch makes us feel loved, safe, happy.

Importance of Physical Touches

In modern technology, the importance of physical touch changed completely. People forgot how to connect by touch. And the fact is a screen can never replace a touch of a pat on the back of the head or neck. A warm hug is a sign of physical touch. There are some major reasons why we cannot live without physical touches.

  1. Touch is a way by which humans can interact with each other.

Employing physical touch, we can able to interact with one another. We can feel each other by touching. Physical touch is the first real language. When you touch someone or vice versa, we can perceive the feelings of that person. It is one type of nonverbal communication. We can show our emotions such as pride, satisfaction, and appreciation by touching.

  1. Physical Touches Are Important for A Healthy Relationship.

When you are in a relationship, the touches you will provide are signs of happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of security and belonging. Expressing your feelings by touches is a way to cultivate a bond with your partner. Holding hands is a way of expressing love. It releases oxytocin which is commonly known as the hormone of love.

  1. Touch is very important for kids.

For kids, touch is a matter of life and death. Apart from food, rest, and diaper change, babies need daily touch to survive. A baby needs enough hugs and kisses for appropriate growth and mental health. Researches found that if parents cuddle with their babies, they will become more healthy every day in the future.

  1. Touch Improves Mental Health

Contact is a basic need of humans. Physical touches such as a hug, a welcoming kiss, or a pat on the back build trustworthy and long-lasting relationships. With the help of touch, we can become aware of certain things such as physical boundaries and personal space. When you hug or friend or partner, you will feel less stressed.

  1. Physical Touch Is Important for Physical Health

In the world, there are many healing treatments, such as massages. And for massaging, touching is mandatory. Massages reduce stress and help you to get better sleep. Studies found that touching reduces anxiety in dementia patients.

  1. Physical Touches Make Things More Real

We can get a clear idea about our surroundings by touching them. It helps us to show what truth is like. We can find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment. It even helps us to realize how close we are to a person in any social relationship.

Physical Touches are priceless. It is one of the most valuable things in the world. And we can never understand the value of it until we crave to touch our loved ones.

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