Simple Physical Tests Which Will Prove if You Need a Consultation with a Physician or Not

There are some cases where we don’t feel anything even if our body isn’t functioning properly. So, it is necessary to get a regular checkup even if you don’t feel sick. Regular checkup helps to find any problem regarding our body at an early stage. As a result, we can get treatment before anything serious happens. Checkup or tests helps us to know whether we are healthy or not.

How to Examine Your Body at Home?

However, it is not always possible to get regular checkups because people are busy with their lives, and most importantly, since 2020, a pandemic is going on. So due to this, most people are at home.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make sure your body is functioning properly. There are some tests you can carry at home easily.

  1. The liver

To examine the condition of your liver, first, stand in front of a mirror. The mirror must be big enough so that you can see your whole body. And then check whether you have a fatty layer visible just above your waist. If visible, that means life is functioning properly. Then you can check whether your eyes are yellow or not, or you have fatty lumps. All these signs are due to some problems in the liver.

  1. The hearing system

To check your listening system, stand at a distance of approximately 16-19 feet. Then try to hear what other people are saying. If you cannot understand anything, it is important to the consultant to a good doctor. Make sure you are not doing this procedure in crowded areas. And this won’t work due to the presence of the masking effect. It is an effect that occurs due to a weak sound getting obscured by a loud noise.

  1. The respiratory system

First, stand up and then check your heart rate for 30 seconds. After that, you have to sit down then take three deep breaths, and you mustn’t exhaling in between. Try to hold you are breathing as long as possible and while doing it, count the number as seconds passed. Lastly, after exhaling, check your pulse for 30 seconds. If you can stay for 50 seconds without breathing, that means you are fit.

  1. Eyesight

At first, close your eyes, and then you have to look at a window frame for around 30 seconds. After that, close your left eye, at the same time open your right eye, and then close it again. If the things you see are blurry or the liners aren’t parallel to each other. Then it is a sign that you have macular degeneration, or in other words, you have extreme permanent vision loss. You should check a doctor as soon as possible if things like this occur.

  1. Bones

To check the condition of bones, examine your nails. Not only do nails tell about your bones, but it also tells a lot about the overall health. Most people think rippled, or broken nails are normal. However, it is a sign that your body isn’t receiving vitamin B or iron.

You must be clear that these tests won’t be able to tell you about exact diseases. For that, you have to consult a doctor.


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