Way to Repair Outlook PST Files Without ScanPST.exe

Outlook utilises the Personal Storage Table (PST) file format to store emails, calendar entries and contacts on local storage. Each email account registered with Outlook is assigned its own PST file; however this can become damaged or corrupted from a variety of sources including viruses, unexpected shutdowns, bad sectors in the storage device or accidental deletion – making information inaccessible to users.

Although Microsoft Outlook’s ScanPST.exe utility offers a convenient way to repair corrupted PST files, it can sometimes be unsuccessful in restoring large ones or those with severe damage. This tool is limited to fixing data up to 2 GB and may leave some users needing alternative solutions for full recovery of their emails and contacts information stored within the file. Stellar Repair for Outlook is the ultimate solution for recovering deleted items from your mailbox, such as emails, contacts and calendar entries. With its Technician version you can also split or compact large PST files before exporting them to Office 365 or a live Exchange server.

Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool)

While Microsoft Outlook’s inbuilt Scanpst.exe Inbox Repair Tool is a useful tool for addressing corrupt PST files, it has its limitations – such as not being available when the software was installed from the Microsoft Store and failing to repair severely corrupted data or those exceeding 2GB of storage capacity. Computers rely on the proficient use of abbreviations and truncated code words to enable their standard processes, which can often appear as incomprehensible gibberish to those who are unacquainted with coding or system troubleshooting. For example, individuals experiencing a problem accessing Personal Folders in Outlook may be able to resolve it by using scanpst (or scan pst), allowing for detection and eventual repair of any corrupted data segments.

To start, locate the repair tool in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. Take note of any .pst files you desire to analyse or run a comprehensive search for them altogether. Furthermore, take advantage of the browse button if looking to single out specific files rather than performing a general scan; once that is finished be sure your Outlook application has been shut down before commencing with diagnosis and repairs!

Scanpst.exe is not equipped to salvage PST files exceeding 2GB in size; its capabilities are limited to repairing much smaller-sized data stores.

It can offer a remedy for the most superficial of corruptions, making it an ideal solution for minor issues.

By using this tool, emails that have been deleted are permanently inaccessible. Scanpst.exe may be able to help with standard Outlook issues, yet there are still a variety of data file corruptions and application errors that it cannot address.

Moving your mailboxes from Outlook to another application or file format is not possible with the scanpst.exe tool, making it necessary for users to explore alternate solutions.

No matter the situation, you can depend on Stellar PST Repair to provide a reliable and user-friendly solution. When it comes to data recovery and repair of Outlook files, no other third-party tool outperforms this powerful application.

 An Ultimate Solution to Repair PST Files

This powerful PST repair tool is designed to easily and securely restore Outlook mailbox data, from inboxes and contacts through drafts, journals, tasks & deleted items. It boasts an intuitive user interface that quickly repairs corrupted files whilst simultaneously preserving all existing content for a comprehensive recovery solution. As an added benefit you can save your recovered data as Office 365 , Exchange Server or Gmail file formats; plus it supports every version of Outlook currently available!

How does the PST Repair tool work?

With just three straightforward steps, this tool helps you make your creative visions a reality. Select the desired template, preview to ensure it meets expectations and then save for future use!  Utilising the Stellar Repair for outlook tool, users are able to select either Recover Single File or Recover Multiple Files in line with their requirement. Moreover, it provides options of both browsing and searching for files that need recovery. After adding a file to be recovered via the + (green) button, all related data can preview prior saving within one of its numerous provided destination formats; thereby allowing customers further filter these PSTs before final process completion according to screen-instructions given throughout each stage.

To prevent damage to large files, PST Splitter can split them into more manageable sizes as small as 1 GB. It also provides several output selections for recovered emails such as DBX and MBOX, or popular email servers like Exchange Server and Lotus Domino (IBM). Furthermore, users have the option of saving data directly onto Office 365 profiles or webmail accounts including Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and many other IMAP services.

Exploring the full potential of our tool is now easier than ever with a free demo version. You can recover and save up to 25 items per folder in supported formats, regardless of Outlook versions including Office 365, 2021 or earlier!


The renowned Inbox Repair Tool, Scanpst.exe, may not always be your best bet when attempting to repair corrupted or damaged PST files due to its inherent limitations. But Stellar PST Repair offers a reliable alternative that has proven efficient in recovering the contents of mailboxes – including attachments, contacts and calendars – from even severely-damaged PSTs while preserving original metadata information as well as format and hierarchy structure intact! Not only this but you can also count on it if emails have been deleted either permanently or accidentally; this PST repair tool l will restore them with ease!

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