Assassins Creed: Revelations | Free Download for Your PC with Simple Steps

If you are an Assassins Creed game lover, then this game is a must-play game for you. It offers more action, more fun, and more adventure. Its storyline is excellent. And, it comes with fantastic graphics, characters, and weapons as well.

About Assassins Creed: Revelations

The Assassins Creed: Revelations is one of the best action plus adventurous video games that is advanced via Ubisoft Montreal and issued by Ubisoft. It is the fourth installment in the Assassin’s Creed game series, which is the direct sequel of 2010 Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The game Assassin’s Creed Revelation was released from November to December 2011 on different platforms like PS 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. 

However, the storyline of this game is set based on real-world incidents and fictional, which follows the centuries-old rivalry between the Assassins and the Templar. The former wanting peace and fights voluntarily to establish peace. And the latter fighting with the belief that peace would exist only through control. The central part of the story is based on Ezio’s journey for unlocking Altaïr’s vault secret in Masyaf via disc-like antiquity, which contains Altair’s memories.

Moreover, this game is presented in the third person’s perspective and set up in the open world, giving main focus Ezio’s and Altair’s stealth and combat abilities to explore the environment and eliminate targets. The critical response for the game was normally positive with an appreciation for the detailed environment, well written, plus most importantly, a satisfying ending. The game Assassin’s Creed Revelation has a great commercial success. 


The features of this game are as follows:

Become a Deadlier Than Ever

Quickly eliminate your adversaries by deploying a new arsenal of weapons and abilities, such as enhanced free-running and hook blade combat. 

Test Your Skills

A critically acclaimed multiplayer experience gets even better, with all-new team modes and infinite replay value.


Explore the farthest reaches of the Animus as you uncover the mysteries of Desmond’s past while gaining insight into what the future might hold.

Amazing Graphics

For any game, the graphics are the central feature any gamer would look at, especially for video games; the graphics play a very important role in retaining the interest of the player. The game Assassin’s Creed Revelation has rich and vivid graphics. The quality of the video game is excellent.

Challenging and Interesting to Play

The game is, though not that easy to win, and this is the prime reason for retaining the concentration of the player as the game keeps on challenging the player’s ability of stealth and combat. The game keeps on bringing more and more challenges and thus worth giving a try.


There are a lot of weapons that can be used in the game Assassin’s Creed Revelation, including Ottoman Flintlock Rifle, Byzantine Mace, Greek fire gun, Ottoman Agile Dagger, Byzantine Two-Handed Axe, Ottoman crossbow, Yatagan Sword. 

How to Download Assassins Creed: Revelations for Your PC?

You can follow these steps to download the game on your PC:

Step-1: Open the browser of your Pc.

Step-2: Go to Google, and type Assassins Creed: Revelations on there.

Step-3: click on a website that appears.

Step-4: You will find a download link. Download it, and then open it. After that, install the game.


You should play this game if you are an Assassins Creed game lover. It features lots of action, adventure, and fun.

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