Things a Responsible Cat Owner Must Consider!

Cats are a celebrated family member of many thousands of Australians. Cats bring an enormous amount of joy to their cat owners. Also, it is the cat owners’ responsibility to provide their cats with a safe and healthy life. This article will tell you everything a responsible cat parent should do.


  • This chip is inserted under the cat’s skin, and it is the size of a rice grain. It is designed to prevent the cat’s body from reacting to the microchip. It is an electronic chip, and when read by a microchip reader, it reflects a unique number. The specific number is linked to the pet owner’s details, so the details pop up any time the microchip is scanned. This technology helps in the identification of pets or reuniting lost pets.
  • Micropping is mandatory in all Australian states and territories. The pet owners’ information should be registered with the local council. And this information needs to be updated in case of any change.


  • Desexing is essential to prevent unwanted breeding. This is one of the primary benefits of desexing, but there are other benefits associated with this process. You will see less aggressive behavior and a reduction in the risk of mammary cancer and uterine infections. Their unsupervised roaming around outdoors will also decrease. This is good because being outdoors increases the risk of diseases and injury.
  • Before desexing your cat check all the laws around desexing pets in that particular state and area. Many pet experts recommended pre pubertal desexing is the best for cats.

Health Care:

  • Pet owners should take their cats for regular health check-ups. Things like weight are monitored because if the cat is underweight or overweight, that can be related to an underlying health issue.
  • Like humans, pets also need to have a proper dental care routine. Poor dental hygiene can result in health problems. Brushing your cat’s teeth with a specific pet toothbrush and toothpaste is essential. The build-up in their mouth can be harmful in the long term, so make sure you maintain the cleanliness of your cat’s mouth.
  • Cats are also susceptible to specific health problems, and there are vaccines to prevent some of the health issues. Your cat needs these vaccines as and when recommended by their doctor.
  • Lastly, as health care is intrinsic to a healthy life, get pet health insurance. Cat insurance can be a little pricey but is entirely worth it. If you already have pet health insurance, you have already done one of the vital things a responsible pet owner should do.

So these are some things that should be on the to-do list of a responsible cat parent. Reading it in one go might make you feel like too much work needs to be done. But, take it one by one. Anyway, you know that your pet cat is fantastic and it brings you immense joy in your everyday life. This beautiful feeling will provide you with the energy and power to put up with any amount of work to provide your cat with a safe and healthy life.

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