Match’ n Flip – New Updates to Better The Gaming Experience 

One of the most exciting card games on iOS devices has just received a major update that betters the gameplay and provides players with next-level excitement and fun! The best part about it is that Match’ n Flip is one of the best skill-based games, meaning that you will have to pay attention to master the gameplay. The latest update of the game features a few changes in the gameplay, which are explained below. 

The Changes That Have Been Made 

There are three changes to the new Match’ n Flip. First off, several additions to the gameplay have been made. That includes additional themes for players to enjoy, UI improvements, new background, as well as a variety of props that appear randomly. These props are: 

  • +2 Card – increases hand by 2 cards and is claimed automatically
  • Lock Cards – they remain unlocked until players receive Key Cards.
  • Key Cards – these cards correspond to lock cards and are used to unlock them
  • Wood Cards – require 1 extra round to recycle 
  • Dynamite Cards need to be reclaimed within the limited number of operations, or they explode, and players lose points.

The second major change to Match’ n Flip is the “Locks System.” With the Locks System, players will have to play at least 30 games in order to unlock Wood Cards, Dynamite Cards, and +2 Cards. Moreover, if they wish to unlock Lock Cards and Key Cards, they will have to play 70 games. Getting these features will require patience and knowledge, which is what makes Match’ n Flip so fun. 

Finally, the last overhaul to gameplay includes a multi-game list. Players can choose other cash games or games that have free cash tournaments by AviaGames. 

There are many great titles to choose from, and all of them come with unique gameplay. Since many of the games allow players to play for real money, they can also rest assured knowing that they will be able to make a secured withdrawal. 

Thanks to easy access, players will be able to enjoy them at any time and place. Alternatively, they can also go back to Match’ n Flip whenever they want and test their skills to see whether they can come out on top. 

How to Download Match’ n Flip? 

Match’ n Flip is a game that is for use on all iOS devices. Downloading and installing it is easy. All players need to do is visit the Apple Store and search for the game. Open the official download page and start downloading it. Match’ n Flip will be automatically installed after it is downloaded, and then, players can move on to playing it and enjoying all of the latest changes. 

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