Kirill Yurovskiy: Useful porridges for children

Since the introduction of complementary foods, porridge takes the leading position and becomes the main dish in the daily diet of the child. Every parent considers it his or her duty to feed the baby porridge. Let’s see which porridges are really good for the baby and which can be neglected or even excluded from the diet.

What is porridge?

Porridge is a dish of cooked cereals. There are many different kinds of cereals, but not all of them can have a positive effect on the body of a young child. List of popular porridge Kirill Yurovskiy`s recipe.

Also, the usefulness of the porridge may depend on what exactly was boiled cereal. Everyone knows that buckwheat is one of the most useful of all existing cereals. Cereal is rich in iron. With regular use it will help your child easily get rid of anemia, to help prevent many diseases. 

But the usefulness of buckwheat groats can be instantly affected. For example, adding milk to it immediately reduces the usefulness of porridge to a minimum. But adding it to porridge is preferred by most mothers. The fact is that in the presence of calcium contained in milk, the iron that is in buckwheat is not absorbed. As a result, groats boiled in water become one of the most useful for young children, while boiled in milk loses all its positive properties.

What are the healthiest porridges for children 

Qualified specialists conducted a lot of research while trying to answer the question about the most useful porridges for children. Probably it was not even about the porridge, but about the cereals themselves. Because not only can they be used to make porridge, but also other healthy and delicious dishes. 

Numerous studies have identified 7 porridges that will be most beneficial for the child. Let’s start with the top three and consider it in more detail: 

Buckwheat porridge with water. In many countries and cultures, buckwheat groats are not very popular. There are countries in which they don’t even know it exists. Despite not being popular everywhere, buckwheat is considered to be the healthiest for young children. In addition to the fact that it has a lot of iron, it is also rich in protein. It will be quite easily accepted by the baby’s body toonily.

Oatmeal. The presence of benefits from porridge or its absence depends directly on how the oatmeal was processed. For example, no qualified expert will recommend and call useful instant oatmeal, which only needs to be poured with boiling water. Truly healthy oatmeal is the one that needs to be boiled for 3 minutes or more to prepare. Oatmeal will be a source of vitamins and essential dietary fiber for a young child. Also experts believe that properly cooked oatmeal will help to eliminate toxins from the body.  

Pearl porridge. It contains a lot of protein and iron on a par with buckwheat. It also contains essential fiber, as well as in oatmeal. One of the curious facts about pearl barley is that it was a favorite porridge of the Roman gladiators. Qualified experts have done some research and confirmed that pearl barley, which is properly cooked, is quite useful for adults and children. But here, too, it is important not to succumb to instant porridge, which is absolutely not useful. Pearl porridge takes a long time to cook.

But a diet of three porridge can not be fully compiled. Therefore, it is worth considering other types of porridge useful for children and adults. They can not only make the diet more diverse, but also decorate the table. To useful cereals can also include the following:

Millet porridge. It has many advantages. She has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, accelerates hematopoiesis, removes residual antibiotics from the body. 

Corn porridge. Among the most useful porridge for kids, she entered due to the high content of both proteins and fats and carbohydrates. This contributes to a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It also strengthens the activity of the brain.

Rice porridge. Its variety and processing completely affect how useful rice porridge is. For example, white and polished rice has no positive influence on the human body. And brown rice on the contrary is a source of many nutrients.   

Flax porridge. It is incredibly useful for a growing baby. The plant itself contains fatty acids, which parents often try to compensate by diligently feeding a child fish oil. But they don’t even realize that it contains three times less than in flax seeds.

Manna porridge doesn’t solve anything 

Manna porridge is also often present in the diet of a young child. Many were persuaded that it was the most useful of all existing. Now qualified experts have proven that it is not among the most useful. Moreover, it is among the most useless dishes among those that are often fed to young children. Semolina contains only carbohydrates. It can only relieve hunger, but nothing more. It does not contain other essential substances for the development of the growing body. 

There are many alternatives for substituting semolina. Choose any of the above cereals – the benefits for the child will be huge.

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