How to Start Scalp Crypto Trading: Strategies for Mining Profits from Crypto Trading

Want to know more about scalp trading crypto? Yeah, you are going in the right direction as a crypto trader. That’s because scalp trading is one of the most effective ways to generate money easily. I said easily because scalp trading is not associated with huge risk, although the crypto market is extremely volatile.

How Crypto Scalping Actually Works?

As I mentioned, crypto scalping is holding the posting for a shorter period of time and benefits from it. Scalpers trends to place multiple trades so that they can make the most of those trades.

Now, for those who don’t know, the crypto market is highly volatile, and that’s why the prices fluctuate a lot throughout the day. And scalp traders take advantage of that and make money.

Scalp trading is done in mostly two ways – manual and automated. Let’s take a look at how these two ways can be used to generate profit:

The manual method is very simple, actually, and it’s the traditional way that almost all the traders use in the market for trading. Here a trader has to closely observe the market and all the metrics and indicators so that he or she can find a position. Traders look for a position where they can buy crypto for low so that they can sell it much later.

The automated is the same as the manual method, but the only thing that differs is that traders don’t place the trades by themselves. Instead, they rely on a system or software which trades for them. It is an ideal method when a trader can’t be on the market or trade or can’t observe the market all day long. The system is set on the instructions and command when to trade and what would be the ideal position, and the system does so.

Crypto Scalping Strategies You Can Try

There are tons of scalping strategies that you can try and make money, but don’t fall for all, and try these ones, which expert traders use:

Crypto Range Trading

This strategy involves a range that is defined by the trader. I mean, a trader has to determine a range that would be profitable for him or her and try to occupy that position. The range depends on the trader and is identified by the difference between buying and selling prices.

Bid-Ask Trading

Scalp traders can also make a profit from the asking price and bid price. Suppose the asked price and bid price have a slide difference, and you are making money from the difference. It could be small, but multiple trades can generate a good amount, you know.

Wide Bid-Ask Spread – When the asking price is higher, but the bid price is comparatively lower because there are more buyers in the market than sellers.

Narrow Bid-Ask Spread – Let’s imagine the opposite scenario now. Suppose there are more sellers in the market than buyers; then the bid price will be higher than the asking price.


I already told you that crypto is a very volatile market. That’s why the prices fluctuate a lot. Even the same asset can differ in price in a different market. You can take this opportunity and generate profit by buying the same asset from different markets.

Margin Trades

This strategy involves trading in crypto using third-party funds so that you can earn potential profits.

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