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How To Make Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have us all by hook. According to a survey, maximum people on Instagram love to watch Instagram stories or highlights. Instagram stories catch the attention of users, and hence are the best place to post things in order to get great responses. If you are someone new to the app, this blog details on how to make Instagram stories that are really attractive. For creators and businesses having a great story game is vital to attract more followers to invest in them. Here is a detailed guide on how to make the best Instagram stories to attract views and up your game.

Guide to making Instagram stories:

Step 1: Launch Instagram app and click on the story icon with your profile in the top left corner or you can just swipe right from your feed to reveal the story section and camera.

Step 2: Now click pictures with various filters available by just swiping right of the record button or capture a cool video by simply holding long the record button. Now tap done to move forward.

Step 3: Instagram now reveals tools for you to edit your picture or video. Add text, filters, stickers, songs and much more to style your Instagram story. You can even tag a person by typing “@” before their username.

Step 4: Once you are done with editing click on done, Instagram provides you the option to share this story on your profile or just to close friends or a single person as well. Choose the desired audience and click ok. The Instagram story has now been shared on your profile for everyone to view for the next 24 hours.

Step 5: You can even keep the story forever on your profile. Play your story and click on the “add to highlights” button on the right lower corner of the screen. Now the story will be available in your highlights forever or you can use Smihub to save the story permanently in your mobile.

Tips to enhance your story:

  • Display creativity:

The stories that you create should be appealing. Try creative methods like color the whole picture and erasing certain parts to reveal the picture. This looks super cool. You can even play with the background. Or layer images. Use templates on third-party applications to enhance the overall look of your story.

  • Add colorful text with font:

Sometimes your stories do not have pictures or video, it can only be text. In such cases either using color contrast between the background and foreground or putting up colorful text is helpful. Use different fonts to grab attention. You can even write the same words in different colors and font and then layer them one over another to create a shadow effect.

  • Add stickers and filters:

Instagram offers you so many filters and stickers to help enhance the overall look of your story. You can even add in gifs to add play and fun to your story. use the location sticker to add in details to your story.

  • Use polls and questions to make your story interactive:

Stories that are interactive work better than normal stories. Adding in a poll, question, like dislike meter from the stickers section helps you make your story interactive. This also helps you collect responses from your audience.

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