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Guide To Downloading Media Files From Instagram

Instagram has its own advantages and limitations. Where on one side Instagram has to offer its user’s great application to share and edit their photos and videos with amazing filters and effects, on the other hand Instagram restricts its users from downloading the same in order to maintain privacy. Instagram’s clear restrictions rules state the inhibition of download to any kind of media from anyone’s profile. Now the only way you have got to get access to other people’s media is by requesting them to send it to you. But this is neither convenient nor possible every time. wondering what should be done in such scenarios? not much you could either use a third party application or software to download this media from Instagram. Insta zoom is one the best software to download pictures from your account. Here are certain ways you could use to download media from Instagram or a third party application.

  1. Use Instagram’s save option:

Instagram offers you the space and advantage of saving any post or video that you like directly onto the application. It has a space created especially for this purpose called the “saved posts”. Whenever you press the ribbon displayed on the lower corner of the post, it directly moves into the saved post space from where you can access the photo or video any time and easily.

  1. Use a third-party application:

If you require the media to be downloaded into your gallery or phone storage directly, then the best option for you is using a third party application. These Instagram photos and video downloading applications are API powered through AI softwares which fetch the photo and video belonging to a particular account and allow it to be available for download. All you need to do is copy the link to the particular photo or video onto the application and press search. Once fetched it provides you a download button atop the post click this and the media gets downloaded.

  1. Use Instagram download media option:

You might require a third-party application when it comes to downloading media from someone else’s account but not yours. You call for your entire media download, which includes the posted pictures and videos up till now. To download your entire media, navigate to your profile and click on the settings option. Now From the list of options given select security option. In the security option, scroll to the “data and history”section and click on the download data option. Now it asks you for your email ID, fill in an email ID and within sometime Instagram mails all your to your email ID. From here you can download all your photos and videos easily.

  1. Use Instagram’s option to save pictures and videos alongside posting:

Instagram has always looked to its user’s interest. Hence it allows you to download and save media alongside posting. For this navigate to your profile and open settings now in the settings column click on accounts options. Once this option has been available you can see options for original photos and original videos turn on this slider button and now everytime you post something you can get it directly into your gallery/ phone storage.

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