Eto’o borrowed money from the government, criticized by Vn88 magazine as an unreliable person newspaper said: Because of the ambition to win the World Cup 2022, the president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto’, borrowed a large amount of money from the government of this country.

In the context of the Cameroon team about to play the final match of the group stage against Brazil (2h on December 3), Vn88 mobile newspaper reported that President Samuel Eto’o had borrowed 4.7 billion CFA francs (about 7.1 million euros). from the government of Cameroon. This money is the source of funding for Cameroon to have the best conditions to fight in the 2022 World Cup.

Earlier, journalist Boris Bertolt criticized Samuel Eto’o’s borrowing and stated that this was the first time the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) borrowed money from the government to prepare for the World Cup. Boris Bertolt asserted that Eto’o was unreliable, could not borrow money from banks, so he had to borrow money from the government.

The FECAFOOT loan, led by Samuel Eto’o, is available in two forms. The first is a fixed amount of 2.7 billion CFA francs (over 4.1 million euros). The second is a conditional loan of 1.9 billion CFA francs (nearly 3 million euros) to be mobilized depending on the performance of the national team at the 2022 World Cup. According to Cameroon’s Vn88cx, President Samuel Eto’o will must repay the above amount before December 31, 2022.

Camfoot newspaper said that in the event that Cameroon is eliminated in the group stage, the amount borrowed by FECAFOOT will only stop at 2.7 billion CFA francs (more than 4.1 million euros). If Cameroon reaches the final of the 2022 World Cup, the total amount of money that the Cameroonian government will lend will amount to 4.7 billion CFA francs (7.1 million euros).

Vn88 newspaper also reported that Cameroonian players attending the 2022 World Cup received a bonus of 60 million CFA francs (91,000 euros). Coach Rigobert Song received double bonuses compared to the players. If the Cameroon team goes deep, they will be rewarded by President Samuel Eto’o.

Samuel Eto’o once announced that Cameroon would win the 2022 World Cup. The 2022 World Cup winner will receive 40 million euros in prize money.

“The indomitable lions” are currently in danger of being eliminated, are third in Group G with 1 point after 2 matches. In order to qualify for the next round, Cameroon needs to beat Brazil in the final round of the group stage and hope the scoreline between Serbia and Switzerland is in their favor. It is an extremely difficult task for Cameroon because their opponent is the number one champion candidate. reported that Ecuador with its 5-3-2 system made the Netherlands completely deadlocked when it blocked the direction of passing the ball into the middle. Their opponent in the knockout round, the US team, may also bring a similar image.

The North American representative showed his unpleasant image against England with a defensive structure from the middle of the third half of the field and the central midfielders were rich in contention.

Van Gaal has always been an unpredictable coach in his thoughts. His Dutch team is ready to show a different shape in the decisive matches. They can be out of control, can play monotonously, but can also punish opponents in high-speed transitions.

What happens before Qatar will not necessarily be what the Netherlands shows before the US team. With the same 11 people, this team is likely to perform a more practical football. Remember, they have only once let the opponent score after the end of the group stage. Van Gaal shared with Vn88 mobile.

The question for them now, is whether the monotony of approaches to the opponent can be effective in the decisive matches in the knockout round?

When a fan used his phone and binoculars to create his own “VAR” in the stands of Brazil and Serbia at the 2022 World Cup, he created a fever online. Fans loved the idea, and many people mocked that FIFA should probably use the fan’s system to use at the tournament to save money.

Because even when advertised as applying the latest technologies to increase accuracy or fairness, VAR and referee decisions at the 2022 World Cup are still controversial.

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