Top 3 Fruit-Themed Slot Games

When the first slot machine was created, designers had no idea what symbols would be used in winning combinations. So, inventors picked a few popular fruits, and gambling games were created – click to see more.

Few people enjoy fruit theme slots because newer games may wow with their visuals, animation, and other features. Traditional slot machines without any fancy 3D graphics nevertheless have a dedicated following. The name “fruit machine” conjures images of Las Vegas and the massive jackpots that have been won and are currently being won on these games. For those unfamiliar with playing casino games, we have done our best to recommend some of the best slots related to this topic. Due to their graphics, rewards, and overall feeling, these games deserve the excellent ratings they obtain from online gamers. Fruit machines, or “fruit slots,” are popular despite their apparent age.

Fruit Case

When you spin the reels, the bright symbols suddenly vanish, as if NetEnt had run out of ink. For each winning payline that has a jar of preserves, the jar will break and spill its contents all over the screen, revealing the associated coin prize. They not only burst open but also make place for the symbols above to fall, allowing you to pile up more cash (and splat more jars) without lifting a finger. 

Seeing the tiny mental fruits get squished alongside their normal-looking counterparts, with their terrible insane little bulging eyes as the bits of metal come at them from both sides, is very upsetting, and I find myself feeling sorry for the little mental fruits even though I know it’s only a computer simulation. 

Funky Fruits

This is such a smart choice for a game’s theme. More than that, the visuals are superb. A grumpy pineapple, a snarling lemon, a plump watermelon, and some cheeky cherry are just some of the adorable 3D fruit characters that fill the reels—the cute and quirky fruits in the game move, spin, and smile throughout the play. The clumsy farmer pops up here and there, and there’s even a scene when he’s being chased by a tractor. The soundtrack in Funky Fruits is wacky, yet it fits the game’s theme nicely. 

The bonus features in Funky Fruits are what set this game apart for us. For starters, the Stacked Wild can replace any other icon from the Farmer Scatter. Because it covers many reels, it greatly improves your chances of hitting a winning combination. The Funky Fruits Bonus is activated when three or more of the Farmer Scatter Symbols appear on the reels. Then, a Bonus Game begins in which the player selects two fruits from five for a chance at bonus rewards. In an instant, you’ll receive 8 more games at the double the normal cost. Maximum free spins and multiplier values for the Funky Fruits Bonus are 33 and 15, respectively. 

Retro Reels

The Retro Reels slot machine is a 5-reel, 20-payline Microgaming creation. It’s an updated version of a traditional slot machine. It looks like a traditional slot machine with bright, colourful fruit symbols, but the gameplay is more up-to-date. As a bonus, the maximum jackpot award is 440,000 coins. 

You’ll know these symbols as staples of traditional slot machines in land-based casinos: lemons, bars, dollars, “7”s, cherries, and plums. The reels seem like they came straight from a casino slot machine, which is a nice touch. 

Although Retro Reels has the appearance of a traditional slot machine, it boasts many modern improvements over its predecessor. For instance, a Respin button, which re-spins the reels and enhances your chances of winning, can be found directly beneath the reels. You have the option to pay more to respin the reels after each spin. As a bonus, there are scatter symbols, a progressive jackpot, and a unique bonus round.

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