The Contribution Of Tech In The Rise Of Fantasy Cricket

The rise in popularity of cricket fantasy platforms in India is largely owed to the growth of technology. It is quantitatively represented by graphs that show a positive correlation between the number of platforms over the years since the inception of fantasy cricket platforms. Since 2015-16, when the internet became an inexpensive resource for most of the population, there has been a rise in the number of fantasy cricket apps. Advancements in technology have enabled cricket fans to enjoy their favorite sport more engagingly and interactively.

Fantasy cricket functions on a simple underlying concept – users build their virtual teams by choosing the cricketers of their choice. The virtual team then participates in a tournament whose outcome is determined by the performance of the chosen players in the actual cricket match.

The advancement of internet technology has played a pivotal role in making fantasy cricket a more accessible entertainment. The availability of real-time data is among the key features that technological advancements have enabled. Although fantasy cricket platforms have been around since the 2000s, the experience wasn’t as fulfilling as it is now. Earlier, when print media was the mainstream and only mode of data transmission, users often struggled to gather real-time data on the performance and condition of the players in the match. With the proliferation of data analytics and internet technology, users can now access concurrent statistics of players’ performance. Staying updated with the latest performance status of different players can help a user to build a strong virtual team. With more people understanding how virtual tournaments work, winning techniques or strategies can be easily invented. Resultantly, fantasy cricket has become more competitive and popular.

Another technological advancement that has contributed to the growth of fantasy cricket is the growth of mobile technologies. With smartphones becoming more affordable, more people can access the internet and fantasy cricket platforms. Most fantasy cricket platforms are mobile apps, making it easier for smartphone users to install a fantasy cricket platform and join any league of their choice.

The growth of media technology has also influenced the rise of fantasy cricket platforms. With more people joining social media platforms, social media has become a convenient medium for multiple fantasy cricket companies to advertise their products at costs much lower than that of TV commercials. Furthermore, numerous fantasy cricket users have switched to becoming advisors or influencers on social media platforms. They distribute advice and tips on fantasy cricket and often attract brand partnerships from different companies.

Additionally, the growth of big data analytics and improvements in machine learning has enhanced user experience. Making predictions on the performance of different players is now easier, so users need to be more careful while selecting players. Users also enjoy a personalized experience of virtual tournaments with data analytics and machine learning at work.

Lastly, the growth of designed technology has played a significant role, as it has greatly improved user experience. With more users enjoying their experience on fantasy cricket platforms, more people are drawn towards it. UX and UI design are the key elements that dictate the likability of a product. Fantasy cricket platforms are no exception.

To summarize, the growth of the internet, media, mobile, and design technologies have been crucial to the growth of fantasy cricket platforms. It’s no surprise that the popularity of fantasy cricket will continue to grow as these technologies become smarter and newer technologies develop.

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