Detailed Instructions on How to Play Super Simple Billionaire Cards from A – Z for Beginners

Billionaire cards are also known as real estate trading games. This game has attracted a large number of players and has become one of the most popular games today. Together Trang chủ New88 Learn about details How to play billionaire card game through the article below.

How to play billionaire card game is super simple

The billionaire card game’s main goal is for players to accumulate as much wealth as possible. To participate in this game, players need to prepare the following items:

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The card table is the financial control platform

A standard card table is essential. This card table includes 40 cells, of which 28 are named actual places, representing real estate. In addition, the card table also has 3 Hoi card boxes, 3 Fortune boxes and 4 squares located in the 4 corners of the card table, including prison visits, prison visits, parking lots and festivals. The variety and detail of the card table creates a fascinating virtual world for players to explore.

Dice adjust fate

Players need to use two dice (or dice). The dice are rolled to determine the number of moves the player makes on the card table. The numbers on the dice determine where players move and play an important role in determining the amount of money gained from buying, selling and renting real estate.

Money is an important thing in playing billionaire card game

Card money and a bank tray are needed. Money can be fake or real, depending on the player’s choice. Bank money tray helps players manage assets and transactions conveniently.

The card game Monopoly can be played with at least 2 people and the maximum number of players depends on the number of cards in the box. The time to play a game is not fixed and depends on the player’s preferences, but usually each game lasts at least 20 minutes to create opportunities for developments, transactions and building the player’s assets.

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Understand the rules of how to play billionaire card game

How to play a billionaire card game – When ready with the necessary items, players will spread out the cards on the table and choose the first person to start this exciting game. Let’s New88 Discover details about the game rules and How to play billionaire card game for new participants.

Roll the dice on the card table

First, each player will roll the dice to determine the number of moves on the card table. The roll of the dice determines your luck and determines your path on the card table. If you roll the dice and get 6 buttons, you will move 6 spaces on the board. Similarly, if you ever get 8 buttons, you will move 8 squares. In particular, if you roll the dice and get two identical faces (for example, two 3-button faces), you will get another turn. However, if you roll the dice and get the same two numbers three times, you will go to jail.

Fulfill obligations and rights at respective stops

When you reach a cell on the table, you will have to exercise the rights and obligations corresponding to that cell.

  • If that cell does not have an owner, you can buy land, a house or a beach by spending money.
  • If that cell already has an owner, you will have to pay a larger amount if you want to buy that property back.
  • If you come to the beach box and decide to buy, you will become the permanent owner of that beach.

However, if you reach the tax box, you will have to pay a specified amount of tax.

Next player’s turn

How to play billionaire card game – After one player completes his turn, it is the next player’s turn to perform the same steps above. The game will continue until one of the following happens.

  • Possessing all the assets on the same row, if a player owns all the assets on a row (e.g. street row), he or she wins the hand.
  • Buy all 5 beaches: If a player buys all 5 beaches on the table, he or she will win.
  • Be the richest at the end of play time: If play time ends and one player owns the largest amount of money, he or she becomes the winner.
  • Be the only player with assets left on the table: If all players except one have gone bankrupt, that player wins.

In the billionaire card game, players will roll dice and move on the card table to make property purchases and sales. The goal is to own assets, make profits and become the richest person. The game ends when one of the victory conditions is met. Prepare yourself and enjoy the financial adventure in the billionaire card game!

In short

Through the above article, we hope everyone will understand better How to play billionaire card game and game rules. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately home page New88. Take note link New88 to be able to experience the safest and most reputable games.

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