Learn how to play extremely attractive Catte for gamers

Catte card game is one of the card games that attract a lot of players in the gambling field today. This is a game with a fairly simple way to play, but new players still have many difficulties when participating in playing this game. To solve this problem, we will show you how to play catte in the simplest and most effective way. Please follow the article below to learn about the rules and how to play this card game

Learn about the card game Catte

Catte is a card game that uses a 52-card deck like any other card game. This is a card game that originated in India, after a period of development it has been spread to countries all over the world. A table in the catte card game will have from 2 to 6 participants, each person will be dealt 6 cards. How to play catte is not difficult, but to win, players will have to use all their tactics, observation ability and sharp thinking to win against other players

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Terms in the card game Catte

To be able to play catte in the most proficient and easiest way, players are required to understand the terms of this card game. Here are some common terms in the card game catte

  • Cards: Is the card that the player is face down or someone else plays a bigger card in the first 4 rounds
  • Survive: The card that is played at the end of each round
  • Dead Tung: Only if the player has all 4 cards face down in the first 4 rounds
  • Thang Tung: When a player causes others to die, Tung is called Thang Tung
  • Win White: Is only the player who owns a special deck without having to play. White wins are the case if the player holds 6 cards of the same suit, has a quarter, or has 5 cards less than 6.
  • Chapter: Only the card is played on the 5th time

Rules of the game and how to play catte

In order to have a good way of playing catte, players need to understand the rules of playing cards. Obeying these rules will help players gain the initiative every time they play.

To be able to play the card game in the easiest way, players need to understand the rules of the game and how to play this card game. This is an important factor for players to win in each game

The Law of Obedience

The rule of defeat in the catte card game will be divided into 2 types: the whole table and the individual defeat

Subdue the whole table : In the case where the whole table is defeated, there is only 1 person left, then that person wins. The winner will receive money = number of losers x number of points lost. The person who is defeated will be deducted x2 from the pole and will die ace

Individual submission : This is the case in the table where only one person is defeated and at least 2 players participate. The winner at the end of the game will receive the amount = the loser’s bet + the loser’s bet. The person who falls will have their bet deducted x2 and die from Ace

Law of eating white

If you own a deck that is set to white, the game will not need to be played. The order of priority in the case of a player whose deck is determined to be white in the same game will be determined as follows:

  • If the player has four quarters, they will be given priority to eat white and receive x2 of the total bet
  • If there are 6 cards of the same suit in the hand, they will be white and receive x2 of the total bet
  • If there are 5 cards < 6 in the hand, they will be white and receive x2 of the total bet

The Law of Aces

The ace rule in the catte card game will be divided into 2 types: reward the ace and punish the ace.

Punishment of Aces: Punishment of Aces occurs in the following cases:

  • Ace Cards: At the end of the game if the player is found playing Ace cards. The winner will receive a fine. Accordingly, the card player will be deducted 1/10 x bet x number of cards
  • Failing an Ace: This is the case when a player is defeated and has an Ace. Fines will also be awarded to the winner of the game
  • Punish people who give up. The loser will be deducted 1/10 of the bet x number of cards
  • Winnings will be charged a fee of 5% for tables below 500k and 3% for tables over 500k

Bonus Ace: In the game, if the player plays the ace, they will be added 1/10 of the bet. The person who is directly eaten will be deducted 1/10 of the bet

How to play card game catte

In a catte game table will play from 2 to 6 people, each player will be dealt 6 cards and proceed to play. The player who is beaten in the first game will be randomly selected from the system. Starting from the following games, the player who wins the previous game will have the right to play first. The round will be played in a counter-clockwise direction, players can choose to follow cards or face down depending on the value of their cards.

Each game of catte will be divided into 6 rounds. The first 4 rounds are the most important, so players need to pay attention to give reasonable cards to be able to defeat as many players as possible. The first player to be played will play an arbitrary card, the next player will have to show a larger card of the same suit as the one played by the previous player, if there are no cards that can be blocked, then choose Choose 1 card to face down. The same goes for the next players. The round will end when everyone has played or face down. Whoever plays the biggest card can keep that card and continue to the next round

Continue like this for the first 4 rounds. Those who do not hold any cards will be immediately disqualified and the game will be stopped (submitted). If only one person exists, that person will be decided to win immediately, the game is over

After 4 rounds, but at least 2 people are still at the table, rounds 5 and 6 will be conducted. These two rounds will also be conducted like the previous 4 rounds. In round 6, all players will have to face up to compare cards. Survival calculation is similar to the previous rounds. The keeper will win and get the full stake from the other players

Above is an article sharing about the rules of the game and how to play catte that we want to send to all passionate players who love this card game. Hopefully with our useful sharing will help players while participating in this card game. Wish players have moments of fun and relaxation when participating in betting at Nhà Cái Jun88

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