How To Withdraw ST666 To Your Account In Just A Few Minutes

Nhà cái ST666 is always a concern of many players. As a believer in betting, surely when the green is ripe, the first thing you need to do is withdraw money to your bank account, right? Let’s take a look at the following steps right away.

1.What withdrawal methods are there at ST666?

Currently, during the withdrawal process, the ST666 house only supports players with 2 methods: Local Bank and Crypto.

As for the methods of withdrawing money from the Local Bank, there are quite a few different big banks that will support. In particular, the banks linked by the bookie to support players to withdraw ST666 to their accounts such as Vietcombank, Sacombank, BIDV, MB Bank, VP Bank, ACB, etc.

Crypto: This is a method used to make virtual currency withdrawals, usually quite rarely used. Only those who play Bitcoin will withdraw to use for a specific purpose.

2.Some requirements to know before starting trading

Some small requirements that players must ensure enough to complete the successful ST666 withdrawal steps are:

  • The balance in the main wallet must be at least 250,000 VND.
  • Complete the full turnover of betting rounds and bets that the bookie has requested, especially for accounts that have received offers or promotions from this playground.
  • The bank account the player withdraws from must be correct. The bookie will require the information about the name of your account holder, which must match the name that you have registered for membership information before.

3.Tick you steps to withdraw ST666 quickly

Withdrawing ST666 is quite simple and fast, but for some newbies, they still have some questions and difficulties in the process of making their transactions.

This will make your account temporarily locked because the dealer suspects impersonation. Right below will be detailed instructions on how to withdraw money, to help players make a 100% successful withdrawal from the main wallet to their personal account.

Step 1: First, you must log in to the dealer ST666

Players log in to the main homepage using the official link, then click on the “Withdrawal” section

Step 2: Make the money transfer to the main wallet

Click on the item “Transfer/Promotion”, right after that the interface will appear a window for you to fill in the information you will transfer.

Right in the first empty box, bettors choose the game port you want to withdraw money => In the second empty box, you choose “Main Wallet”.

Amount: As much as the player wants to transfer, please fill in as much.

Special Code: You can leave it blank.

Promo code: Skip and finally click on “Transfer”. So, the money has been successfully returned to the main wallet, now your work just needs to withdraw ST666 to your bank account.

Step 3: Withdraw ST666 to your linked bank account

After you have completed the transfer of money to the main wallet, please click on the “Withdrawal” section, then fill in the information.

  • Withdrawal options: Player selects “Local Bank”.
  • Bank: Click to select the bank that you are currently using, remember that the account must be the owner, ie the account holder’s name must be the same as the name that you registered with before.
  • Account number: Please enter the exact bank number you are using.
  • Amount: Fill in the amount you want to withdraw. (For example, 1 million, you enter 1000).
  • Finally click “Send”. So that has completed the withdrawal transaction process, just waiting for the house to conduct the information check, a few minutes later, the money will be right in your account.

3.1 Instructions for withdrawing electronic money

You can make cryptocurrency withdrawals through the following operations:

  • Step 1: Log in to your betting account at this playground.
  • Step 2: Select the withdrawal item.
  • Step 3: Click withdraw with Crypto.
  • Step 4: Fill in all the information. Please select the item Coin => Network and then enter your address information => Save to let the system identify.
  • Step 5: Confirm.

Each time a withdrawal order is made, the house’s system saves the information as well as the transaction history for you to track.

Nhận ngay : Khuyến mãi ST666

4.A few notes when performing ST666 withdrawal steps

Some small notes players need to remember to not have any problems in the ST666 withdrawal transaction process are:

  • It is best not to withdraw money on holidays or Tet because there are many players withdrawing on those days, so the system will often have problems. Or the transaction will be longer than usual.
  • Remove 3 trailing zeros in the process of entering the amount you want to withdraw. (For example: If you want to withdraw about 3 million, you just need to enter 3000 and the house will understand).
  • The minimum withdrawal amount you can make is 250,000 VND, and the maximum is 100,000,000 VND.
  • Enter the correct information and must match the information you entered when registering for an account. Double check carefully before pressing make withdrawal.
  • Time to withdraw is within g range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the time has passed and you still have not seen the money in your account, please contact Customer Service immediately and ask about your withdrawal orders.

Above are all the details of the steps to withdraw ST666 to your account, the process is simple and fast, isn’t it? Remember to consult carefully and follow the steps to avoid being locked or frozen your member account.

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