How to calculate money in 789BET football betting?

You may not know, participating in football betting can bring a huge source of income. Therefore, the number of players participating in football betting is increasing. However, players need to know how to calculate money in football betting to avoid being “led by the house”. The following article, Nhà cái 789BET will share specifically about how to calculate winning – losing for your reference!

1.What is football betting at 789BET?

Football betting is a form of entertainment that uses money to bet on the team to win. At 789BET sports, there are many different odds for players to choose from. Each type of rafters will have its own reward level according to the house’s regulations. When the game ends, if you win, you will receive a bonus and vice versa.

Therefore, you need to know how to calculate money in football betting before participating. So how to calculate winnings or losing bets in football betting? We will share details in the next section, stay tuned!

2.How to calculate money in football betting?

At the house 789BET, there are 3 popular types of bets that are chosen by many people: Asian handicap, European handicap, Over and under. The odds of each bet are different. So, how to calculate bets in football is as follows:

2.1 How to calculate money in football betting when losing bets

How to calculate football betting money in case the player loses has a fairly simple formula. If the player loses half the match, then the loss = 1/2 of the bet x the house edge. In case of losing the whole game, the player will lose more bet: Loss = original bet x Odds.

2.2 How to calculate money in football betting received when winning bets

How to calculate football money to receive rewards is what any player wants. However, when calculating money, you need to base on the odds that 789BET offers. Basically, how to calculate football odds according to the following formula:

If player wins the whole match: Bonus = Odds x Bet Amount.

In case a player wins half a match: Bonus = (Strategy + 1) / 2 + bet amount. 

Screenshot 5

3.Some football betting experience is sure to win

Through the above information, you must have understood somewhat about how to calculate money in football betting. To have a chance to win bets in football betting, you need to accumulate experience. Here, we will share some football betting experiences from players that you can refer to:

3.1 Carry out a thorough review

Normally, when registering 789BET to participate in football betting, each match is updated by the house before. Please check the information of each team carefully. The factors that determine the score of the match such as: Fitness, form, scoring technique, corner kick technique, …

When making bets, you should only refer to the information on the forums. Refrain from following the crowd to avoid falling into their trap. In particular, trust your original choice and do not change because of any opinion. In addition, you need to know how to calculate money in football betting to better manage capital.

Chơi : sòng bài trực tuyến 789bet

3.2 Participate in betting on the right number of matches

According to advice from players, you should not bet too much on a match. Because if you don’t do the betting carefully, you will most likely lose. In football betting, this is extremely dangerous, you not only lose money but also affect psychology.

In addition, you should not bet on too many teams at the same time. You should only bet from 2 to 3 matches a day so that you have time to synthesize and analyze data. Thus, you will have more winnings in your hand when betting.

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3.3 Plan your bets clearly

Finally, in any betting game, you also need to control your capital well. When playing due to being too eager to win, players often bet continuously. This is what most players do, so you need a clear financial plan. Avoid excessive bets leading to “empty hands”.

To minimize risk, you need to know how to calculate money in football betting. When betting enough according to the original plan, the player needs to stop. Then calmly study the betting experience for the next games.

Above, 789BET has shared how to calculate money in football betting for your reference. Most of the bookmakers now use an automatic cashing system. However, players can still perform the recalculation to avoid being intercepted! 

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