How much money is 100 Lotto Points and How to Calculate Points in detail

How much money is 100 lottery points? will help players calculate the effective participation amount. This article will share this information in detail for everyone to refer to. Make appropriate choices to gain maximum profits with professional bookmakers in the market such as New888.

Things you should know about lots and lot points

Before going into research How much money is 100 lottery points? then players need to know about the lot and the lot score. This article will help you find detailed information below before participating in the entertainment.

Join plot threads is one of the most popular forms of betting loved by many people in Vietnam. Playing lottery will have a higher winning rate than playing lottery according to many people’s comments. When entertaining, bettors need to find the last two numbers of the prizes and place money on them.

Besides, players also need to understand what the lottery score is. This is the concept of how much money to bet to get one point. A lot point is the smallest unit that players need to know when participating in this form of entertainment.

Each region will have a different conversion of lottery points. To participate effectively, players need to find out what region they are playing in. Only then will you know how to participate effectively and choose the appropriate amount to get maximum profit. Most bettors will care about how many points they bet, not how much money they bet.

How much money to bet for 100 lottery points?

To better understand  How much money is 100 lottery points? Then the player needs to know how much money to bet to get 100 points. Below is some information to help you learn in more detail about each different region. Before starting the entertainment, please refer to this knowledge.

Entertainment with Northern lottery

Question  How much money is 100 lottery points? often asked by many people today. However, not everyone knows how much money to bet when participating in the Northern lottery to get 100 points.

If the player is choosing to entertain with 2D lotteries, one point corresponds to 23,000 VND. However, if participating in entertainment and buying many points, the player can receive a maximum discount of 500 VND for each point. Then you just need to notify the number of points you want to play and it will be converted into money to participate.

As for players who are entertaining with 3D lottery, the calculation is similar. To get one point, you will have to spend 23,000 VND. Players will choose the last three numbers to play for each bet.

Entertainment with central and southern lottery

For those who are looking  How much money is 100 lottery points? In the Central and Southern regions, you should also grasp the initial bet amount. The detailed information below will help you clarify more.

If players participate in the 2D lotteries, they will see that the number of prizes will be greatly reduced. Besides, you only need to spend 16,000 VND to buy one point. In case you participate with many rewards, the amount will only be 15,000 VND. However, if entertainment is done online, the points can increase to 18,000 VND.

Besides, players can completely participate in 3D lottery. Entertainment regulations in the Central and Southern regions will be different. However, the amount for one point only fluctuates around 17,000 VND.

Find out how much money is 100 lottery points

The regulations in each region will be different so you know how much money you get for 100 points. If you want to participate in entertainment with this form, please immediately refer to the interesting information shared. Surely you will be more confident and win many valuable prizes at the house as well as many other betting locations.

Participate in the Northern lottery

 How much money is 100 lottery points? in the North is one of the most asked questions today. The amount of money bet when participating has a higher value than other domains. So if you can receive 75,000 VND to 80,000 VND when entertaining with traditional forms. If you bet online, you will receive about 95,000 VND.

With such bonus points, new players can completely multiply according to the rate you bet. With 100 points, players can bring in from 1,500,000 VND to 1,600,000 VND if betting traditionally. As for online entertainment, the reward received is up to 1,800,000 VND.

This article will share more about how to calculate money when players participate in 3D lottery. The average amount received is about 400,000 VND for each bet. However, at famous websites today, you can receive money from 950,000 VND to 970,000 VND.

So if you find out how much money you will get if you bet 100 points, many people will be surprised. Because players can absolutely receive 9,500,000 VND to 9,700,000 VND if they win.

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How much money do you get for 100 lottery points in the South and Central?



Players participating in the South and Central regions also need to find out this information. If you entertain with 2D lotteries, one point will correspond to about 80,000 VND. When entertaining online, the bonus amount will range from 90,000 VND to 95,000 VND.

Players only need to mention the number of points they participated in to be able to calculate. With 100 lottery points, the player will receive 8,000,000 VND in the traditional form. But just by participating at online bookies, you can receive 9,000,000 VND to 9,500,000 VND.

In addition, you can completely refer to the form of playing 3D lottery. The scoring method is similar to when players participate in the North. So you can have fun easily and receive many high-value rewards.

Things to note when betting on 100-point lots

With the information mentioned in the article, you have answered the question  How much money is 100 lottery points? However, to participate effectively, you need to note a few things after betting with 100 points.

  • Prepare an effective amount of capital for long-term participation with this form of betting.
  • Choose the method to find the golden number that is most accurate for you.
  • Flexible in many different forms of numerical prediction to bring high efficiency.
  • Depending on the source of capital and the appropriate plan to use the money, you can choose 100 points for each play.
  • Before deciding on the numbers, it is necessary to use appropriate information to ensure a level of accuracy.


The article has answered the information for you about  How much money is 100 lottery points? Hopefully this knowledge will help bettors easily experience and win at bookmakers. If you want to learn other interesting information, players can immediately visit the playground’s website New88 Please.

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