Find Out Where Did The Birth Of The Lottery Come From?

Updating the most basic information about the lottery, especially the birth of the Lottery, is what players participating in BK8 should know. Exploring specifically about the origin, development history and formation of the Lottery will definitely help you feel more secure when hunting for prizes. All that we need to know about the birth of this top attractive game will be shared by us in detail below.

  1. Who invented the Lottery first?

Lottery is certainly no longer a strange game for all those who love the exciting red and black game with a huge chance of winning. According to research from BK8 casino, lottery is a game born in ancient Greece.

In particular, the people of this era used a small ball to the participants a few times when conducting the lottery. The ancient people were very interested in this new, bold game of chance.

Therefore, the participants always try to be the lucky ones to guess the numbers and win the special prize. After that, the lottery game began to grow stronger in later eras to this day, the lottery is still considered one of the most popular games of all time.

2.The Birth of the International Lottery

So how exactly was the international lottery born? We invite you to learn more about BK8 in this section! From the seeds of the lottery in ancient Greece, to the ancient Roman times, lottery had a stronger step forward.

In particular, this era has made a new step in the game when TP. Caesar organized and made specific rules for the game for the purpose of repairing and financially supporting the city.

Then through the Middle Ages, lotteries continued to be created by European workers and they sold more ceramics. From the 15th to the 19th century, lotteries grew stronger with the appearance of many forms of play that were launched under the permission of the king of European countries.

True to its original mission, the lottery not only provides entertainment for countries to implement welfare works, contributing to the development of the country. On the other hand, the birth of the Lottery as well as its development gave people the opportunity to receive generous rewards.

Up to now, the lottery has been present in all 5 continents of the world. Although in terms of playing form, each country’s lottery is somewhat different, but the attractive common point of the game is still the special prize structure that is accumulated according to the progressive nature.

3.The birth of Vietnam Lottery

In Vietnam, the lottery game was also quickly introduced and received the love of a large number of people. The exact timeline marking the birth of the lottery game in Vietnam is 1962 with the launch of the traditional lottery.

Today, lottery is developed almost all over the country, the slogan of the game must be remembered by everyone as “lottery for the benefit of the country”. Along with the development of society, lottery is a game where everyone can participate in predicting lottery results today to hunt for prizes.

4.The development stages of Lottery in Vietnam

Since its inception until now, lottery has made strong strides, players will predict lottery results and predict prizes in a certain drawing period. If you are looking to see kqxs as well as better understand the game, you can follow the next information.

There are currently 2 forms of lottery available in the Vietnamese market, including traditional lottery and Vietlott lottery. Here is the birth of specific lottery:


4.1 The birth of the traditional lottery

This is the earliest form of lottery in our country, commonly known as lottery. The results of the lottery will be drawn and depending on the provinces, there will be different opening times.

In particular, the Southern Lottery is live at 16:15, the Central Lottery is live at 17:15 and the Northern Lottery reports live at 18:15 every day.

4.2XS Vietlott

Lottery BK8 will help you better understand the birth of Vietlott computerized lottery. Participants will proceed to select sets of numbers in the number series of each provided Vietlott lottery. Currently, there are 3 elective Vietlott lottery forms that have been released: Mega 6/45, Power 6/55 and Max 4D.

You can participate in a variety of lottery games, faster and with a higher reward rate at online bookies. The house BK8 is one of the top choices to hunt for Vietlott prizes with many types of bets such as the 3 basic forms above and the Keno, Max 3D lottery…

In addition, if you register for BK8, you can also bet on a variety of lotteries – lotteries or other betting games. Players not only pay fast deposit – withdraw, reward mechanism in the next minute and the opportunity to receive countless super attractive BK8 promotions…

Above are the specific information about the birth of the Lottery, the most detailed that BK8 wants to send to all of you. Hopefully, through the things shared, gamers can safely choose lottery forms to participate in huge prizes.

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