Easy Blueberry Jam Recipe So That You Don’t Need to Get Out without Having Breakfast

We often struggle in the morning after waking up. It is not rare that we wake up late and need to go for public transport that we do not want to miss. However, time has gotten short, and competition has become far harder than ever.


However, we are disclosing an easy method to make a Blueberry jam. And, you will never end up outside with an empty stomach. At least, there will be two pieces of bread in you, and it will be covering about 2 hours.


Let’s jump to the recipe section and utilize a Sunday to make several jars of jam for the whole month. Moreover, there will be no sugar, no pectin, or other additives. Hence, we strongly recommend you to use only organic fruits.

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Take a bowl and pour it with two lbs. blueberries. You can use strawberries or other berries instead if you desire to have different flavors. But, use only one; otherwise, the taste will be nothing but a disaster.



Add an apple which will provide a robust flavor of the berry. Before adding the apple, mince it so nicely that one can barely find a mesh of it after blend or mixture. Moreover, this apple will be the secret of punching flavor, making you jam apart from others’ jam.



Add a cup of water, and mash the mixture. On the off chance, no instrument is better than a potato masher. After mashing the mixture well and turning it into a thick layered liquid, add a cup of honey and stir it well because you need to distribute the honey evenly. When the thick liquid gets smooth, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and stir well. Lemon juice will add a bitter punch to your jam.

Moreover, it has plenty of antibacterial properties, which will extend the validity of jam naturally. However, if you expect a more bitter experience and an extension in durability, you can use the same amount of white vinegar instead of lemon juice. But, the addition of vinegar will turn it unreal since we consider it as a chemical compound.



Pour the blend into a saucepan and put it on the stove with a light flame. Stir the mixture often to distribute heat evenly. After a short while, like 20-30 mins, you will find bubbles are popping out. Bubbling is the sign that your boil is not turned into a spoil. Turn off the flame and let the blend cool down.


When the heat comes to a touchable point, pour the mixture into a jar. And, when the temperature completely matches with the room temperature, your jam is ready to mask your morning bread. Blueberries have a strong reputation for multiple well-being. Such as,

  1. High calorie
  2. High fiber
  3. Antioxidant properties
  4. Anti-aging properties
  5. Blueberries have Controlling power on cholesterol levels and many more.

Thus it is an ideal choice to make a jam. Especially when you are fond of red wine, you will surely like to taste it at least once.

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