Break-down the Bacterial Properties which Come from Our Body and Generate a Hostile Alike Odor

In our body, sweat glands are there throughout the skin. There are sweat glands under the soles of the feet and the palms of armpits and hands. So, when we work, run or walk, we sweat. That’s why to smell good, and we use deodorants or perfumes. Applying deodorants to the body stop bad smell coming from our body. There are many different deodorants of different smells in the market nowadays.

Why You Should Use Natural Deodorants

Most deodorants can reduce sweating, so thus there will be fewer sweat patches on your clothes. There are two types of deodorants, natural and conventional. Conventional deodorants are commonly known as antiperspirants. There is a difference between conventional newton deodorants and natural deodorants. Deodorants cover the bad odor of our body, whereas antiperspirants stop our sweat glands from producing sweat. And sweating is good for your body. There are many reasons to use natural deodorants rather than conventional deodorants.

  1. Natural deodorants are good for your health.

The natural ingredients present in natural deodorants will reduce the risk of having any skin disease or issue. According to research, natural deodorants don’t block pores, so as a result, good bacteria can keep working properly. In other words, even if you don’t wear any deodorant, you won’t be smelling bad. Using natural deodorants regularly keeps your armpit irritation-free, so thus you will experience a long-lasting shave. As a result, you can wear white clothes without worrying much as there won’t be any yellow stains due to sweat.

  1. Antiperspirants Are Harmful To Us

It is an obvious thing that antiperspirants will have a lot of chemical ingredients in them. And as a matter of fact, not all chemical ingredients are good for us. Girls will face more problems due to some chemical ingredients than boys. Every girl applies deodorant on the skin near her breasts. And according to some reports, when all the chemicals get absorbed by the skin, there will be problems like estrogen-like hormonal effects. Even the aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants cause breast cancers and Alzheimer’s. In the worst cases, people can become infertile due to some chemicals.

  1. Antiperspirants Can Cause Many Skin Problems

As mentioned earlier, antiperspirants block pores to prevent sweating. And because of this, sweat will build up beneath the skin. And you will feel irritation on your skin as well as there will be bumps. When there is sweat built up, there is a high chance that the good bacteria present stop working. And there will be a build-up of bad bacteria which will make your sweat smell worse. Not everyone’s skin is the same, so in some people, the aluminum compound present in antiperspirants can cause an acidic reaction to the skin. Even your clothes might get damaged.

Necessary Steps Before Switching

If you want to switch to natural deodorants, there are some steps you need to follow before switching.

  • Before switching, you shouldn’t use any deodorants.
  • Try to always wear such as silk, cotton, and hemp
  • Apply essential oils on your armpits, such as lavender, coconut, or tree oil.

As every human body is different, not all-natural deodorant will benefit you. So you should take help from an expert before using it.


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