This Thanksgiving, Bingo Clash is Offering Even More Ways to Win! 

Fans of Bingo Clash already know how the game has transformed the world of mobile gaming, and are hard at work advancing their technique before the holidays. That said, newcomers will be just as quickly blown away by the flashy, lightning-fast gameplay offered in this exciting reimagining of classic real money bingo games.They will need to work fast to catch up if they want to compete in every limited edition perk available in this year’s Thanksgiving Event. 

For two weeks, users will be able to log on to play online and win cash in Bingo Clash in even more ways than usual, and will compete against the very best talent in one of the most wickedly popular skill-based legit games. Of course, they’ll still be able to take advantage of the usual, free gameplay, free cash tournaments, and paid showdowns, but they’ll quickly discover a swarm of awesome new login bonuses and perks awaiting their next move. 

The Thanksgiving Event is set to take place from November 15 – November 28 and will celebrate two distinct weeks of prizes and rewards. During the first week (November 15 – November 28) users will be able to play in the “Dice Tour” and win up to $500 in bonus cash across multiple unique maps. On each map, they’ll have the chance to roll a die and receive a set number of “moves” across the map depending on the number they roll. As they work their way across these maps, they’ll be eligible for bigger and bigger prizes and huge cash rewards. 

Then, for the entire first week, users will also have the chance to receive double daily login rewards. During the 7-day login period, they’ll be able to win free in-game rewards like sparkles (which can be used to play in the dice tour) plus the usual fan favorites like tickets, bonus cash, and more. What’s more, users will then also be able to enjoy open cash tournaments across all game matches. 

Over the course of the second week (November 22 – November 28), users will be able to cash in on all the same rewards available during the first week of the Thanksgiving Event, as well as exclusive 7-day cards, which may offer a rebate of over 100%. If you’re planning to play Bingo Clash on your Samsung device, you’ll have even more to look forward to. That’s because Samsung users will be able to participate in the same daily tasks for even more rewards and can play three exclusive games of the Lucky Draw event for the chance to win a Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G phone! Beyond that, they’ll also have the chance to trigger reward games anytime they’re playing mini-games, which can payout up to $500 in bonus cash!

So log in to Pocket7Games or Bingo Clash today to start perfecting your technique and get ready to compete against the best names in the game for all these awesome prizes. The Thanksgiving Event won’t last long, so make sure to log in every day and take advantage of these great rewards! 

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For a limited time users can compete in the Bingo Clash Thanksgiving Event to find even more ways to win real money in this thrilling bingo game, and compete against top talent for bonus cash, huge rewards, and life-changing cash prizes! Log in from November 15 – November 28 to take advantage of all the perks, and be sure to practice up before the big event.

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