How a Screen Door with Magnets can Elevate Your Home Comfort 

Ever wonder how having a screen door with magnets can actually elevate your comfort experience as a homeowner?

For example, if you are someone who finds bugs incredibly frustrating, especially when you are trying to sit outside and enjoy the weather, one of the ways to keep insects at bay is by using magnetic screen doors. By using magnetic screen doors, not only can you keep bugs away, but you can also avoid spraying an uncomfortable amount of potentially hazardous chemicals and bug spray into the air or on your body to limit their impact.

In the case of this example, and many others, purchasing a Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is an incredibly smart investment. Not only does it help keep your family healthy and cooler – especially in hotter temperatures – but it allows you to get many of the benefits of being outdoors without experiencing a number of the unfortunate downsides of being outside.

So what are the other benefits and comforts of having these types of screen doors? We’ve got a full list below.

Breath Fresh Air Indoors

If you are someone who loves breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors, being inside can definitely be a drag. This is especially true if you are the type that enjoys enjoying that morning coffee that can be accompanied by a light outdoor breeze or having a social gathering with friends outdoors rather than being stuck in a stuffy room that can quickly get hot and sticky as more people pour in.

While you can certainly turn on the air conditioner in this kind of situation, why not instead enjoy the benefits of natural air and a cooling breeze? An easy way to do that, even if you want to remain outdoors, is to make use of a screen door. Making use of these screen doors with magnets can certainly help you enjoy the benefits of the outdoors while still sitting indoors.

Keep Uninvited Pests Out of Your Parties

If you are someone who likes to host a number of gatherings – especially once the warmer weather approaches – you will likely appreciate how much damper insects and debris can put on a great party. A great way to avoid this happening is by opting for the magnetic screen latch hardware for your doors.

One of the benefits of having this technology is that when people do attend your party – you can avoid uninvited pests indoors where you may be sitting and enjoying food and drink. It is often the case that during a party, people are trickling in and out of your home between the kitchen, bathroom, and backyard area. As doors open and close, there are, as a result, many opportunities for flies, wasps, and mosquitos to trickle indoors as well.


Thankfully, with screen doors that have magnets, not only are they great at keeping bugs out, but even their mesh holes are quite small – and so it would be difficult for bugs to get in that way either. In addition, the fact that these doors have magnets means that people won’t ever get the opportunity to forget to close the doors because they do so automatically.

Durable Screen Doors

Unfortunately, while you may treat your home items with care, this is not always the case with people who are visiting. This is especially true with people who don’t know their own strength and accidentally slam a door too hard and generate damage to the item. Thankfully, with screen doors with magnets, you don’t have to worry about this kind of damage because you don’t need to use too much force to open and close these doors. All they need is a slight nudge.

Another added benefit of these doors is that they are tremendously durable, and this means that they are a valuable asset if you constantly make use of that entryway. In addition, these doors are really easy in terms of upkeep as they are simple to clean with a mild detergent and water.

Set-Up and Removal

Another benefit of purchasing your magnetic screen doors is that they will come with written instructions and a video tutorial so that you can easily set your doors up.

To begin setting your doors up, you will first need to measure your door to make sure the magnetic component will fit properly. Generally speaking, these doors fit all types of doors measuring 38 x 82 inches or less. You should then wipe off the door frame prior to attaching your new magnetic screen door using the magnets in the middle seam. Next, make sure that your door is approximately a ¼ inch above the floor – if you don’t, the door will hang below the door frame, and you will need to have it hemmed.

In addition to the door itself, upon purchase, you will also be provided with thumbtacks (to hang your magnetic doors onto wooden doors) and the hook and loop tape (to hang your magnetic doors onto metal and aluminum doors).

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