Dragon Tiger 789BET: A Detailed Beginner’s Guide for Beginners

Dragon Tiger 789BET is an indispensable name on the chart of popular games in every casino lobby at the house. Possessing simple principles and easy rules, the game attracts a large number of participants every day. Therefore, in the following article, follow 789BETs to enter Dragon Tiger.

1.Introducing Dragon Tiger 789BET – The most attractive betting game

First, Dragon Tiger is also known by other names such as Dragon Tiger, Dragon Tiger. In terms of origin, it is said to have come from Thailand and Cambodia. Possessing high entertainment and easy gameplay, each game of Dragon Tiger 789BET usually happens very quickly.

Introducing Dragon Tiger 789BET – The most attractive betting game

Specifically, Dragon Tiger is a game that uses a standard 52-card deck and is mixed from 6 to 8 decks together (similar to Baccarat). In the game, there will be 2 main doors, Dragon and Tiger, for participants to choose from.

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The official 789BET Dragon Tiger game will take place by dealing cards on both sides of the door as above and then starting to compare the total score. Of course, whichever bet has more points, the player placing that bet will win. At the same time also receive bonuses from the house 789BET – 789BETs according to the prescribed rate.

2.The complete guide to playing Dragon Tiger 789BET from A-Z for newbie

Not only Dragon Tiger, all online betting games at 789BET house will have different principles. From rules, terminology, scoring methods, betting doors, playing methods to payout percentages are all separate. To easily participate in the game Dragon Tiger 789BET, you need to understand the important information as follows:

Dragon Tiger 789BET A Detailed Beginners Guide for Beginners1

A complete guide to playing Dragon Tiger 789BET from A-Z for newbies

2.1 Common terms

The terms in the game are the first and important thing that players must know if they want to start the game. Understanding this will help you make more accurate betting decisions. Basically, Dragon Tiger 789BET is not too complicated, so players only need to care about 4 main terms. Include:

Dealer: The dealer.

Dragon: Dragon Gate, marked in red. Participants predict and bet on the Dragon door with more points.

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Tiger: Tiger Gate, marked in blue. The participant predicts and bets on the bigger Tiger.

Tie: Cua Hoa, marked in green. Participants predict and bet 2 doors Dragon and Tiger with equal points.

2.2 Specific rules of the game

As mentioned throughout the article, gamers must have somewhat figured out how to play the game. Accordingly, an official Dragon Tiger game 789BET will follow the following specific principles:

Find the door and the winner by relying on the score of the two sides of the Dragon – Tiger door

At the beginning, the Dealer will simultaneously deal 1 card to each side of the Dragon and Tiger doors.

Next, the player proceeds to choose 1 of the 3 main doors provided: Dragon (Dragon), Tiger (Tiger) or Tie (Tie).

When the betting time expires, the Dealer will turn over the cards and calculate the points of the doors to compare. Which side has more points, the player who placed that door wins and earns money according to the ratio. In the case of 2 doors Dragon – Tiger equals points, the draw door and the player who placed the draw bet wins.

2.3 How to calculate points in the game

Based on the rules of the game above, Dragon Tiger 789BET will be based on the score of the two sides to determine victory or defeat. This score is only interested in the value for calculation and does not discriminate in terms of quality. As follows:

Card A: 1 point.

Cards 2 – 10: The score corresponding to the value printed on the card is from 2-10.

Card J: 11 points

Q card: 12 points

Card K: 13 points

Dragon Tiger 789BET A Detailed Beginners Guide for Beginners2

How to calculate points in dragon tiger game

2.4 Payout rate

Dragon Tiger 789BET can attract a large number of gamers to love and choose. partly thanks to the huge payout ratio. Corresponding to the bets provided in the game will be each separate payout ratio for the winner. As follows:

Dragon Gate: Players receive 1:1 payout ratio.

Tiger Gate: Players receive 1:1 payout ratio.

Tie Door: The player receives a payout ratio of 1:8.

As can be seen, this ratio is quite similar to the card game Baccarat. Therefore, if you are familiar with Baccarat, you will easily get used to this Dragon Tiger 789BET game. In addition to the main betting doors as above, the online casino at 789BET – 789BETs also offers a variety of other choices for gamers. Such as:

Dragon Even Bet

Odd Dragon Bet

Tiger Even Bet

Odd Tiger Bets

Quality bets

Bet Big – Small,…

Of course, accompanying these doors will also be different bonus rates. That ensures a new and unique experience for gamers.

Thus, the basic information about the attractive Dragon Tiger card game 789BET has been shared in detail above. Hope this introductory manual is really useful to help newbies understand better. Be bold and confident to participate in your potential bets at the 789BET house.

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