Check Out These Winter Sports in Banff

So many people complain about being stuck indoors in the winter: but there’s so much you can do during this chilly season that you can’t do at any other time! From the amazing scenery to the beautiful weather and the crisp snow: you’ll find something that excites you.

These are the top things to know about participating in winter sports in Banff, why it’s such an amazing city, and how to spend your time here.

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Why Banff?

Banff is the oldest national park in Canada, offering the chance to enjoy the best out of every season. In the warmer months, this area feels like a summer camp that never ends, with hiking, swimming, and anything else that could keep you busy and having fun: but winter is where it really shines. 

Banff is one of the top ski resorts and winter parts of the world. The moment the winter sets in, this park becomes breathtakingly beautiful, coated in a nice thick layer of snow. The mountains look like pieces of art sculpted out of the Earth. There’s no end of things to do and see, and after just a couple of hours, you’ll start looking at Banff homes for sale so that you never have to leave this paradise behind. Banff is heaven in the winter.

These are the sports that make it so amazing!

Slope Skiing

Thanks to the cold light snow, diverse terrain, enthusiastic locals, and stunning scenery: Banff is the perfect place to ski at all times. There’s an energy this area is filled with the moment the first frost sets in that’s hard to replicate. Slope skiing, the most common kind, allows you to glide down the faces of these giant mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views and incredible adrenaline at the same time.

If you’re a beginner, there are tons of classes, courses, and tutors available in Banff to help get you slope-ready as soon as possible!


Not every ski resort allows snowboarding, so fans are always excited to find out that they can enjoy snowboarding in this gorgeous mountain resort. The varied types of jumps and slopes, and incredible snow texture, allow snowboarders to go further and jump higher where they want to. Banff takes a thrilling sport and makes it even more exciting for anyone who tries it.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing isn’t for everyone; it’s a calorie burner that will make your thighs, hips, and knees ache after a long day: but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Cross country skiing allows you to make your way across softer inclines, making your way through long distances of sight-seeing, with the journey taken in equal parts gliding and stepping.  

You need specific skis for this sport, so please don’t try this in your regular pair.

This City Offers Something For Everyone 

Whether you’re more excited about spending time in the snow or you have a specific sport in mind: Banff is going to have what you need. Get to know each facet of the area, and figure out a winter activity that speaks to you!

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