AvsA® Niudi Smart Solar Flood Lights: Light Up Our Cities

Many people are still attempting to deal with the negative consequences of pollution and the requirement for greater road safety. Cities have begun using smart solar flood lights that employ LED lighting technology to increase road safety without spending a lot of money.

Advantages of smart solar flood lights

Installing smart solar flood lights has various advantages, such as lowering energy costs, decreasing climate change, and making cities more sustainable. Solar street lights are an eco-friendly way to illuminate sidewalks and roadways while using very little electricity. Additionally, they don’t emit any emissions, which helps slow down climate change. Additionally, solar street lights can be turned off at night or inclement weather to use less electricity. Finally, solar street lights are more aesthetically pleasing and improve the appearance of our cities than conventional streetlights.

Where to get smart solar flood lights?

AvsA® Niudi is a well-known producer of smart solar flood lights, so your money will be well spent. They have concentrated on the outdoor lighting market and are dedicated to offering our customers all around the world complete lighting solutions. The AvsA® trademark was established by AvsA® Niudi, who also has ten years of expertise producing smart solar flood lights. They also offer customers a full range of engineering solutions for outdoor lighting, including product research and design, production, installation, etc., which saves customers time and energy.


A well-lighted city is a sight to behold, and one that we should all strive to preserve. A city with good lighting not only has a nicer atmosphere but also makes the streets and buildings safer. The ideal solution is the smart solar flood light. Visit AvsA® Niudi if you are interested and we can talk!

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